Python functions are far more interesting than you think


Harness the power of web APIs to tap into bountiful sources of rich, structured data for your data science projects

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Article Outline

  1. What is an API? What is a web API, and how is it relevant to data science?
  2. The anatomy of an API request
  3. Unearthing the secrets of Reddit — A walkthrough with the Reddit web API using Python
  4. Discovering hidden APIs with developer tools
  5. API etiquette and best practices

What is an API?

Bring your stories to life with interactive and scrollable visualisations, made possible with the brilliant D3.js library

College Majors separated by category

Preparing the data for creating an interactive visualisation

One of the Visualisations which I created for this project, graphing the season by season sentiment scores of each of the major characters in the show.

Lady and the Tramp had a good understanding of what love really entails. (Also did you know they’re doing a live action remake of this movie? Is that really necessary?)

“Love is when you throw away a red shell in Mario Kart to protect your boyfriend.”

Cuthbert Chow

Self-taught data scientist and university student from Hong Kong, using data to tell stories and spread the truth

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